School Meals

Our school lunches  provide good value meals using quality ingredients carefully sourced.  The following regularly appear on our menus:

  • Beef, pork, lamb and venison from John M Munro, Highland Butcher
  • Highland free range eggs
  • Local fruit and vegetables from Swansons Fruit Company, Inverness

The menus offer a choice of freshly cooked, nutritionally balanced meals and include favourites such as macaroni cheese, fish and chips, chicken korma and healthy home baking.

Please see this link for current menus, 

School meals for Primary 1 to 3 are FREE and for Primary 4 to 7 are £2.30.

We offer seasonal meals where over 75 per cent of the menu is freshly prepared with ingredients that are GM free, with no undesirable E numbers or hydrogenated fats.

We have been awarded the bronze Food for Life Catering Mark (external link) from the Soil Association.

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